Antipasto Platter $60/ $75/ $95 

Imported prosciutto, Genoa salami, pepperoni, sweet and hot Soppresata,

Imported provolone, mozzarella, marinated mushrooms, roasted peppers,

Artichokes and assorted olives


Asparagus Wraps $12.99 lb

Asparagus wrapped w/ Prosciutto di Parma topped w/ Asiago cheese

Sprinkled w/ Balsamic Reduction


Raspberry & Almond Brie $1.50 each


Tomato Bruschetta $49

(4-5 lbs) bruschetta made with fresh tomatoes, onions and basil served w/

Garlic toasts


Cheese platter $45/ $55/ $80

An assortment of select cheeses arranged with crackers, garnished w/ fruits


Cold Cuts Platter $8.99 per person

Four meats, four cheeses, comes with butter, mayo, mustard, oil & vinegar

And rolls (2 per person)


Mini Crab Cakes $2.50 each, $4.99 each for large


Fruit Platter $35/ $60/ $80

Seasonal fruit


Fresh Mozzarella Platter $40/ $70/ $90

Fresh mozzarella sliced with tomatoes and roasted red peppers



Stuffed Mushrooms Caps

Filled with seasoned crab meat $2 each

Filled with sausage & spinach or spinach & Feta cheese $1.75 each


Mini Potato Pancakes $1 each, Large $1.50 each

Traditional made w/ onion and served w/ apple sauce & sour cream


Sandwich Platter $38/ $48/ $58

An assortment of sandwiches with pickle wedges

A small tray feeds approximately 3-6 people, medium 6-12 and large 7-14


Shrimp Cocktail marked

Large Shrimp served with cocktail sauce, garnished with lemon wedges


Stromboli Platter $25/ $47/ $68

Assorted Strombolis (stuffed bread), small 3-6 people, medium 6-12 and

Large 7-14


Vegetables Crudites $20/ $35/ $50

Assorted Fresh Vegetables arranged with dip


Grilled Vegetables Platter $35/ $55/ $65

Peppers, asparagus, eggplant, onions, zucchini, carrots and mushrooms

 Marinated in oil and balsamic vinegar